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I need help with cutting a white background out for a t-shirt design

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Hello. I have a t-shirt design I was working on this pasted weekend, and no mater what I did in Affinity Photo, I could not cut out a white background from a scene shot I had taken to use on this product. I'm trying to switch from Photoshop, where I could cut out a white background with ease, to Affinity Photo looking pretty bad and unusable. Could anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong here? I would love to stop using Photoshop, but I can't when I can't even cut out a simple background. Note: I put a white box over the design just so no would think I'm trying to advertise my T-shirt here. 



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Hi virtualshift,


Welcome to the forum.


To cut out the white background click on the Flood Select Wool or press the W key and then click on the white square to select the white area and then press the backspace or delete key to remove.




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