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Adjusting the tables causes the program to crash immediately.

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Adjusting the width of the table, columns and cells only works when ALL the table is selected and appears shaded, if I try to adjust any part when it is not selected, the whole program freezes and the WIP icon (blue wheel) appears and if I click outside, the program goes to shaded mode and the No Response warning appears. It is not possible to do the command using ESC, the only way to continue working is to use the Windows task manager, close the program and log in again... with the consequent loss of data already placed and the time invested in filling the tables.

Hopefully the developers are working at full speed to fix these bugs and can release the first service patch for the program very soon, as it's not a matter of whether or not some are flirting with Affinity to see if they work with the entire suite while continuing to produce with their safer InDesign or Qxpress, there are a bunch of us here who have already made that decision since version 1. 

I came to Affinity after using for years (since 1990) a very old but exceptional quality software called Ventura (Xerox Ventura Publisher until the version of Ventura 10 that Corel left in the abandonment) which was the first editorial layout program for Pc, as old as Aldus PageMaker on Mac. I've tried the other programs many times, never quite liked them (especially the 4d0bE ones) and when I did my evaluation to see where to go with this issue, I went so far as to purchase Affinity Publisher in 2019.

I think Serif should be seriously concerned about the defects that gravely affect their users in this version 2, because the errors damage our work and that also translates into unjustified delays, a big drop in professional efficiency and of course, economically.... nobody works here for the love of art!


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Hi Lee

I have this data from my system

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core Processor  3.90 GHz
RAM 32.0 GB
GPU - AMD Radeon RX 5700 - VRAM - 8176 MB - GDDR6 1750 MHz

I have a doubt about the performance. Why Affinity does it use the GPU and not the CPU, this seems so strange to me and I confess that I don't know why it doesn't use the processor capabilities and all its power. I don't use the process acceleration with OpenCL, I disabled it because I noticed that the program was working very slowly, so it improved by disabling this option.
I attach a screenshot of this data


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