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Metadata not being populated - USER ERROR


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In Affinity Photo V1 I would run a use File-->New Batch job to select a group of TIFF files and save them as .Afphoto file. Since the .xmp files for each of the TIFF files was in the folder with the TIFF files the information in the .xmp files would populate the Metadata Panel.  In Affinity Photo V2 this is not working.  The .xmp files are not populating the Metadata Panel.  

Also, when I bring in a RAW file and there is an .xmp file in the same folder the Metadata Panel in the Develop Persona is not being populated.

I don't know if this was a planned change from V1 to V2 or if it is a bug.  If it is a bug I would be nice to have it corrected so we can Batch process a group of TIFF files and have the .Afphoto file created (it does that now) and the Metadata Panel populated (not happening now but used to).  

This may not be a serious bug because a person can still batch and create the .Afphoto files and then import the metadata.  But, I'd like to see it on the list to be corrected.  

Mac mini M1 (2020)  16GB 1TB Monterey 12.6.1

USER ERROR: Today while doing something else I saw that there is now a check box in "Preferences-->General" that says "Load metadata from XMP sidecars".  Once I checked that box the metadata was imported from the .xmp files as was done in V1.  So, there was no bug it was user error on my part. 



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Found the problem to be user error
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On 11/26/2022 at 3:52 AM, Littlestudio said:

I'm using Affinity Photo for the iPad v2.0. I can't import.xmp files into my photos, and the "Load metadata from XMP sidecars" checkbox in Preferences isn't available. Please help.

Unfortunately, we do not support the sidecar feature on iPad at present. However, you should be able to use the "Import from XMP" option in the metadata studio.

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