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Drag and Drop between images not working anymore


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Hi @BartonFink,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Just to double-check  by "images" you mean documents correct? You want to drag an object/layer from one document to another (in V1 this could only be done in Separated Mode). I'm not sure what you mean by drag effects here. Can you give an example/describe the steps you used to perform in V1 please?

I confirm that dragging layers/objects from one document window to another document window in V2 is not working. I'm logging this to be looked at.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Yes you're right. In Version 1 I opend two documents side by side (no more possible in version 2) in Affinity Photo 1 and would like to take a layer from one document to another. In version 1 I'll grab the layer (or effect) and drop it in the other document. In version 2 it's only possible with copy-paste. For me it's a huge step back for professional image compositing. Apart from the fact that in version 2 many things no longer work due to the missing separate mode.


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the problem is generally the workflow. Normally I open the images in e.g. Affinty Photo side by side. Then I edit the 3 different images and drag the individual elements of the different documents into one of the images that is to become the finished image. In version 1 this worked very well.
With version two, unfortunately, there are things that don't work that way:
- the documents are opened in tabs. So the side-by-side image comparison is completely missing
- ok, then I pull the image out of the tab as a separate image/document. So far so good. But now the document I dragged out of the tab as a separate image always hovers over the application window and I always have to move it aside to see the image in the main window. This is very tedious. Especially when you have 4 or 5 images as floating images. It is simply also the case that the document in the main window is not necessarily my main image. There is an undesirable prioritisation of documents here. For years I opened documents in macos and each one had its own window in separate mode. Now I simply have a rigid application window that is unfortunately superfluous. It takes up space, it interferes with the interaction of different documents and you just can't view, for example, 3 documents side by side on my 4K monitor.

Among the things that don't work. But this is perhaps more for the "bugs" side:
- Every time I start a version 2 programme, all the tool windows are gone. If I press Tab after starting, they reappear. This is tedious.
- Unfortunately, if you make the main window smaller, all the Tool-Icons behind a double arrow (>>) also logically disappear. See also my first and second post on publication. To access these tools, I have to make the application window larger again. I slowly drag the application window bigger and smaller all the time to see my desired tools. This is also very tedious and slows me down immensely.
- When I change a document, it automatically switches to the "View Tool". It would be better if the tool were retained. So, for example, the "Move" tool simply remains when I switch to a new document. This way I always have to select the tool again every time I change documents. Also tedious.

My system:
- Mac Pro 2019, 24-core, 96 GB Ram, macos Ventura, 4k monitor.

Translated with DeepL


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The issue "It's no longer possible to drag and drop layers/objects between documents." (REF: AFP-5685) has been fixed by the developers in internal build "".
This fix should soon be available as a customer beta and is planned for inclusion in the next customer release.
Customer beta builds are announced here and you can participate by following these instructions.
If you still experience this problem once you are using that build version (or later) please reply to this thread including @Serif Info Bot to notify us.

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