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APhoto: Why marquee does not snap to grid?

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Sorry for the premature question but I don't know why the selection marquee is not snapping to the grid, when the grid is visible?


Usually when the grid is visible and snapping is enabled, the selection rectangle snaps to the grid as I draw the selection out. This is not happening in APhoto. Any reason why not or am I just missing something really obvious?



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Well, I don’t believe rectangular pixel selections snap to grid per se, or do they? It depends on the grid type. If you have a standard orthogonal pixel grid (with a spacing of n pixels for positive integers n) and enable Force Pixel Alignment, you will get pixel perfect on-grid rectangles when using the rectangular selection marquee. However, there is a general solution for grids of other types:

  • Create a rough rectangle selection.
  • Enable Quick Mask mode and select the Move Tool.
  • Now you should see a bounding box around your selection that can be snapped to grid.
  • Disable Quick Mask mode. Your pixel selection should be perfect on grid now.

Hope that helps …  :)


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Hi pentool,

Affinity Photo is geared towards photo editing and RAW conversion/development. Affinity Designer is more adequate for UI design/graphic design.

Have you already tried it? There's a trial available here in case you want to give it a try.

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Thanks MEB, yes I do have ADesigner as well.


However, when the grid is visible, all tools snap to the grid:

  • selection brush (...and that's a selection too!)
  • gradient tool
  • myself (...aka pen tool)
  • the various shape tools
  • the text tool

I'd say neither the pen tool, the shape tools, or the text tool is needed for photo editing (let alone RAW) but they still snapping when the grid is visible. So not sure why the rectangle/oval selection and the crop tools are not. That would be pretty basic stuff since the selection brush already snapping.


Anyhow. Most of the time I just fire up my good ol' PC and work in CS5 or use Pixelmator/Sketch on the Mac.

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