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RW2 files not opening

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I'm having trouble opening my Panasonic LUMIX GH6 raw stills files which have a .rw2 extension. I have just upgraded Affinity Photo to version 2 and my Mac OS is the latest flavour of Ventura 13.0.1. Affinity seems to open the file, but all I see is a white (or nr white) screen. It was doing this in Affinity 1 as well. I can develop my raw files using SilkyPix Developer, but that doesn't allow me to use Affinity to its full capabilities. Can anyone help please.

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Welcome to the Affinity forums.

This forum post lists all the currently supported cameras in APh2.  Unfortunately, yours is not listed.  Support is therefore likely to come when the next release of libraw is available to and released by Serif in a future update.

However, I downloaded a sample .rw2 file from here and it opened without any problem straight into the Develop screen of APh 2.  


Win 10 Pro, i7 6700K, 32Gb RAM, NVidia GTX1660 Ti and Intel HD530 Graphics

Long-time user of Serif products, chiefly PagePlus and PhotoPlus, but also WebPlus, CraftArtistProfessional and DrawPlus.  Delighted to be using Affinity Designer, Photo, and now Publisher, version 1 and now version 2.

iPad Pro (11") running Affinity Photo and Designer (iOS 16.5) version 1 and all three version 2 apps.

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1 hour ago, uncutrushes said:

Can anyone help please.

Hi @uncutrushes, welcome to the forums. 

While in the develop persona click the assistant and change the Raw Engine, try Apple, then come out of develop and try opening your file again, I can't guarantee it will work but it might as Ventura is a new OS and Apple are pretty quick at adding new cameras




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Hi, and thank you both for your reply.😋

Just for your reference:

Firstly emmrecs01, the downloaded test files you reference do indeed open fine but I have to note that they are only 16.6Mb in size. My files are 37.6Mb and have a file extension .RW2 which are in caps, not lower case (...if that should make a difference!). I have tried making a copy and renaming the file extension to lower case but gain the same result - white blank screen with all metadata present. I'll try and see if my camera will allow a smaller raw file to be saved and, if so, I'll report back. 😋

Secondly Murfee, changing the Raw Engine brought no joy for me. But it was useful information regarding the Raw Engine choice. 😋

Many thanks to you both for your kind response. I am very grateful.


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On the list https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/167741-list-of-supported-raw-formats-cameras-for-lens-correction-list-in-affinity-20x/#comment-958781 is some panasonic cameras. They produce raw files with rw2 extension. But file are not compatibile. Eg there is lumix s5 (dc-s5), and raws works with affinity photo. But there isnt lumix s5m2 (dc-s5m2), and raws not works with affinity photo.

Please, add support for raw from lumix s5m2 and s5m2x.

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Totally echo szczemp's comments. There is no reason no to support one of the best current cameras on the market. Just because everyone is in the Sony and Canon bed that is no excuse.

The Lumix raw format has been around for years so lacking support is lazy at best

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