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Thanks, I don't know why it came through that way but if you Edit the Footnote Reference style to turn off small caps it will be much better. Some foottext is still formatted Times Roman after that.

So yes, some formatting issues with imported footnotes from Word but at least the footnotes imported which is great.

Affinity 2.1 for macOS Ventura 13.4, MacBook Pro 14" (M1 Pro)

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Hi there Guys,
I have exactly the same problem.
MS Word automatically creates a character style and paragraph style for footnotes.  I've read somewhere that character styles are superior to paragraph styles and will dominate the text they are applied to even if the paragraph styles are also applied.
I've had to delete the imported MS Word character style (footnote reference) from inside of Affinity Publisher.  Even then, the footnote text is tiny at the bottom of the page.  It seems that Affinity Publisher on my side will look for another character style to apply to footnotes text and apply it automatically.  
I think that new paragraph styles and character styles need to be created for footnotes inside of Affinity, that way I think it will sort itself out.  
If Affinity Developers will add an import dialogue which can either allow or disallow all or certain imported text styles that would be a great update in my opinion.

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Hi again to you all,
I've gone back to my document and done as I actually described by deleting all the styles attached to footnotes which were imported from MS Word.  I then selected one footnote at the bottom and applied the new footnote character and paragraph styles to it. Then I clicked on the little icon that looks like 3 horizontal lines next to the footnotes tab and applied the "Revert all footnotes to document settings" command, and it has worked absolutely beautifully.
So this is a solution to this problem. 

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