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Lens Correction Mis-Centered for Portrait Orientation Raw Files

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Just installed V2 and am finding Lens Correction in 'Develop' persona to be based on an incorrectly defined center for RAW files in portrait orientation.

I am running Windows 10, and the newest version of PhotoV2. I just confirmed that no such issue exists in my V1.xxx install.

In the attached screenshots correct alignment in landscape orientation and the incorrect alignment in portrait orientation are demonstrated using a -100% distortion adjustment. The same issue is apparent with the other Lens Correction adjustments (Horz., Vert., Rotat., etc.), and toggling Lens Profile does not resolve the mis-centering issue.

It appears (from rough estimates using coordinates from the 'info' tab), that the 'center' is being defined as though the file is landscape. My raw images are 5202x3454, so the center for Landscape should be an [X,Y] of [2601, 1726], and [1726, 2601] in Portrait orientation. Instead, it appears the center is still defined as [2601, 1726] in my raw Portrait-oriented files.

I can duplicate this issue repeatedly by opening any portrait-oriented raw file (I shoot Canon and my files are .CR2) in Affinity PhotoV2. When I open a non-RAW image (jpeg, for example) and then enter the 'Develop' persona, the centering works correctly: it seems that the issue is confined to new opening of RAW files.

I have not yet even found a workaround that would allow to redefine 'center'. This renders the software unusable for me in its current state, unfortunately.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am excited by the improved handling of RAW file development in V2, but it's all moot if I can't process portrait images correctly.


UPDATE: A possible workaround is to 'Develop' the image without any lens correction, then re-enter the 'Develop' persona and subsequently apply Lens Corrections. Unfortunately, this only seems to resolve the issue when outputting to 'Pixel Layer' and thus nullifies the new non-destructive RAW handling features.

AffPhotoV2 landscapeWorking.png

AffPhotoV2 portraitFailing.png

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