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A few questions from a Master of Illustrator

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Tools such as the following would be quite nice to have. I think these are Illustrator equivalents which the OP mentioned, although the application demonstrated here is ClipStudio / Manga Studio. I have a license, and it works quite well. The drawing feel in ClipStudio is excellent.


Redraw vector line tool:



Redraw vector line width tool:



Use the vector line art layer as a reference to colour:



Aside from these, tools for vector simplification, connecting lines, cutting borders, and a vector line push tool is available. All these tools have various settings as well.


I found ClipStudio to be a joy to ink art in. I am not the only one who feels this way. Illustrator cannot compete, in my opinion. And to top it all off, a stroke stabilizer helps drawing very smooth strokes.


Oh, the 3d mannequins are also quite handy.



Anyway, lots of inspiration for Affinity to draw from.

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Yes it does. If you bring the pencil line close enough to the end point again it will close the shape.




I have tried Manga Studio in the past but it didn't make a big enough impression on me to continue working in it. After looking at your little gifs ill have to give Clip Studio a closer look!

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wow @Herbert123 I learned something today! I've been using Manga Studio for inking precisely because of the brush smoothing and how fast it is compared to PS, but never knew you could do most of the crazy stuff that you demonstrated in the gifs!!!


Thank you!

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Often inspiration for new tools may come from the oddest and most unexpected places. The newest Grease Pencil additions in Blender demonstrate how vector drawings can be sculpted, smoothed, and adjusted with quite unique tools. Now, Blender is not exactly the most user-friendly tool for artists, but I do think the Grease Pencil shows the potential for Affinity Designer to incorporate a number of very interesting artistic tools.


Remember, these are all vectors:


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