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As I see, some haters are posting their "I deleted" and so on opinions here. As mostly those rare voices post their individual state of mind and the people who love the product, don't, let me jump in:

The update is amazing. Thank you for your work Serif. Looking forward to the journey on V2 and all the micro enhancements in the future.—Nothing is missing, if you are a "real" creative, who could also express hers/his visions on paper and then make it work digitally in even basic tools. Here with all the complexity of the ALink and the power of the personas, there is nothing you can not do.—And pleaese stop with the auto-tracing-request. This is so immature and you are outing yourself as a lazy amateur who simply can not illustrate or don't want to support other creatives who have illustrated images you want to use.
All the graphic design "heroes" are from before-the-pc-era. They didn't cry about a missing tool or prices of back then really (!) expencive technolgy. I never read anything about Rams, Eames, Rand, Aicher, Carson wining about software and missing functionalities. 


As I read some of the negative "critics" here, I don't see, why they bother to stick to this tool (V2) and voice their thoughts here, as V1 is still perfectly fine as long as MacOS won't be updated or the M1/M2 chip upgraded. This generation of greedy demanding one-time-purchase-customers is beyond my empathy. I doubt they jump into forums of their car manufaturere to scream and demand features for free if they release a new car model upgrade and they stick with their "old" one which still does everything they have paid for.

Affinity, 10/10

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True. Paying even full prices per platform for major release is totally ok. Much much better that subscription anyway.
And this time the price is not even full - with discounts and "one licence for all platforms" scheme. It`s merely a free software, with this pricing :)

Let`s hope Affinity will not change this in future (because the only viable alternative is subscription... which is no-no anyway)

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Absolutely!...couldn't agree more...'There is nothing you cannot do'.... I like that! .The real discussion should be about what you can learn and achieve.. especially with the newly added tools and features...not whether you not appreciate the colour of an icon or shape of a button.

Well said😀


Affinity Version 1 (10.6) Affinity Version 2.0.3 All (Designer | Photo | Publisher)   Beta;
OS:Windows 10 Pro 22H2 OS Build 19045.2728+ Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4190.0
Rig:AMD FX 8350 and AMD Radeon (R9 380 Series) Settings Version 21.04.01 
Radeon Settings Version 2020
20.1.03) + Wacom Intuous 4M with driver 6.3.41-1



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