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Can the slice tool not be the default in Export Persona?

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Every time I return to the Export persona, I think the arrow tool is still active, swipe my item, and lo, a new slice is created which I must then delete. And that is because upon entering the Export persona, the slice tool is the active tool.


maybe the behavior could be last tool selected is the tool that's active when you enter Export again?


Thank you!



 2012 Mac Book Pro 12”, 8GB RAM, Mojave  |  2017 iPad Pro 12.9” 256GB, iOS 12.1.1

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I've been getting annoyed with this too. I never use the 'slice' tool, I always use the 'select' tool when exporting.


Couldn't the export persona just default to the first tool in the list, then people like me and VectorCat could move the arrow to the top of the toolbar?

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