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[By Design] Layer Order Gets Changed While Moving Two Objects

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Hey guys!


Today I ran into this little bug I guess.

While moving two objects at the same time – which are placed in different layers – their layer order gets messed up.

Here’s a quick demonstration of the problem. I want to realign the object so it better fits the composition.

I know there're better ways to handle this … I’ll give it a try, but still.






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Hey Dennis,


at first glance, I don’t believe this is a bug. The “Whites” layer is independent of your artboards. Now you will surely know, that an object becomes a child of an artboard in the layers hierarchy, when it is moved, such that it intersects the boundaries of that artboard on the canvas. And that’s what seems to happen with the white background shape of your cat character … it becomes a child of the “Info” artboard, since it is, by being moved a little, brought to an intersection with that artboard (in fact, it is completely enclosed by the boundaries of the arboard on the canvas) …


Does that make sense?  :)

Cheers, Alex


Maybe you could just move the white background of your cat character underneath the “Cat” layer, thereby keeping both as childs of the same artboard …


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Oooh wait – you're totally right Alex, I made the mistake here!

I thought I placed the Whites-layer inside the artboard, when I actually didn't.  :rolleyes:

Well, after placing the layer inside the artboard it’s working as assumed. 


Sorry, consider this problem as »solved«, haha … silly me.


Have a nice day. ;)

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