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Printing and PDF Export incorrectly renders Artistic Text with Stroke


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This is one of two reports for this file, so ignore the image for this report, please.  Just look at the text.

Windows 10, Publisher 2.0.0, Microsoft Print to PDF, Lexmark printer with PCL and Postscript drivers.

"Stroke Centre" means stroke aligned to centre
"Stroke outside" means stroke aligned to outside
I also showed that the Layer FX "Outline Centre" prints correctly

All the text is Artistic Text

I've attached these files:
PNG Export.png: This is correct - what it should look like

PDF Export.pdf: Shows some "stroke outside" errors

Print to PDF.pdf: using Microsoft Print to PDF. Shows print output, showing the stroke rendering errors in the two script fonts.  This is a correct representation of printing - I also printed from Publisher to my Lexmark printer using its PCL driver and its Postscript driver, and both prints are the same as the "Print to PDF"

Arial also shows a problem too if you magnify it.  It's barely noticeable on my paper prints but under bright light it is there too with Arial.  But I think this issue also shows in the PNG Export, so it might be a different issue.

Print to PDF.png: To confirm what printing looks like without having to use an app to display it.

I've demonstrated with two script fonts, also included.

AdineKirnberg.ttf was used for my daughter's wedding invitations (not by me) so I chose it for their Wedding Anniversary Card - where I discovered the problem.

Gabriola.ttf is a Microsoft font.  I tested with Gabriola from a high quality source just in case the AdineKirnberg font was in some way substandard and that caused the problem.

I used basic Arial for comparison.  It shows a different problem under magnification, but that also shows in the PNG export, so might be a different issue. Same faint pale line also shows in the "Outline" FX on the PNG Export

I've included the Publisher file and a screen dump of the PDF Export settings.

PDF Export Settings.png

Print to PDF.png

PNG Export.png

PDF Export.pdf Gabriola.ttf adinekir.ttf Print to PDF.pdf Print and PDF Export bugs.afpub

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