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I request a vertical writing function.

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I'm sorry that I'm not good at English.

I'd like to use the vertical writing in Japanese.

Vertical writing functions are essential in Japanese, especially for DTP software such as "publisher".

Japanese creators are currently hesitant to purchase the product simply because it does not have this feature.

I am afraid that only Japanese are the only users of this system, but please consider implementing it.

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I agree with rayRyo.
Many Japanese people are very poor at English, many of them cannot reach the forum and most of them have difficulty communicating their requests in English.
So it may seem like the opinion of a very small minority.  

But I can assure you.
The reason why Japanese people cannot migrate from Illustrator to Affinity Designer or from InDesign to Affinity Publisher is because they cannot do vertical writing.

Japanese buyers either make their own fonts that are rotated by 90 degrees, or make it look as if it is written vertically by breaking each character in a single line... with great inconvenience.
Or they purchase the product without knowing that vertical writing is not possible and return to Adobe products with a sense of resentment.  

Many Japanese people are also creators. Please give it some consideration.

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45 minutes ago, huangzhikang said:
I am a Chinese user and urgently need the vertical text function

Sorry, I heard that vertical writing is not used much anymore in the continent, so I described that only Japanese users use vertical writing. 

In any case, I am very happy that more and more comrades want to use vertical writing.


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I am Chinese and I can assure you too. I can only speak little Japanese so I will reply you in English.

CJK text support and vertical texts have been requested for a long long time by we East Asian users. Serif said that if they add these functions to their softwares, they would remake the whole way the softwares compose texts. I think it is time for them to solve these problems, either the support for RTL texts.

Internationalization is more and more important to the companies like Serif so it's necessary to remind the dev team of the importance to add then asap.


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I too request the vertical writing feature.

I know that affinity sold a few times at a discount during v1, and I think it got more users in Japan.
After a while, the lack of vertical writing functionality in affinity became a topic of discussion, and it became widely known in the Japanese community that affinity could not be used for work.

Now that v2 has been released, affinity has become a hot topic in the Japanese community again.
However, many early adopter users were disappointed to learn that V2 does not have the vertical writing function.
Many Japanese are discouraged and hesitant to purchase.

I know it is difficult for a development team that is not from the CJKV culture to implement a vertical writing function, but please consider it.

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On 2022/11/12 at AM2点12分, anio said:


我知道 affinity 在 v1 期间以折扣价出售了几次,我认为它在日本获得了更多用户。
一段时间后,affinity 缺乏竖写功能成为了讨论的话题,affinity 不能用于工作在日本社区广为人知。




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I'm just a random Japanese Affinity user, but I have to say... I desperately need a vertical text feature for Japanese.

Currently, I have to do some tricks in order to write texts in vertical format. Inserting new lines between each character, rotating characters one by one, converting font... etc. Yes, vertical writing isn't impossible, however, it forces me to do such a hustle, and it also causes some problems. For instance, it's not easy to modify after entering texts.

Vertical text is crucial for Japanese language (and some other languages probably use it too), so it would be amazing if they add this feature. I mean, I totally agree with the OP.

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I'm currently being disciplined for recommending this software suite over Adobe for a Chinese client, as they found out that there isn't vertical text compatibility (this is a very basic requirement for most Asian languages... I made the mistake of assuming that Affinity had this).

Please introduce vertical text! You're leaving a ton of money off the table by disqualifying your software for proper use with Chinese/Japanese...

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2 hours ago, DM DeSign said:

Is there stil no english vertical text option in AD ?

No, though for small amounts of text there are workarounds.


-- Walt

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CJK and RTL text support is such a glaring problem for Publisher as a corporate in an international environment, and of course a huge problem for many users. 

While it is obviously a big change that will require significant rewriting of their text and layout engine, I would really urge Serif to tackle that project and not just leave it as a glaring lump of technical debt at the heart of their apps. I really think it is significant enough that it should be on the radar for the v2 timeframe.

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I would think it would be easier to get vertical text working than to get right-to-left working?  With right-to-left, there is also a need to manage left-to-right sections of text embedded within it, and it is stored in the same direction though drawn in two different directions which are intermixed with each other, making it quite challenging to implement correctly, but with vertical it should just be straight down with a few specific characters rotated - or am I missing something that would make it harder than that?

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I too would like the ability to write vertically.

I believe that for the vertical writing culture in Asia, the existence of a vertical writing function would be a great advantage.
I strongly hope that this wonderful design software will become more widely used and more convenient.

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Hello, I'd like to add that my international organization was seriously considering switching from Adobe to Affinity, but we have chosen not to since it lacks vertical and RTL writing support. We are going to watch and wait until you get these features.

I agree with others here. If Serif starts to offer those features, it will suddenly have markets of millions of people ready to pour money into their products, because there is a need that isn't getting filled. It seems like a business no-brainer, even if it causes some difficulty for the coders, it will pay for itself.

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Good evening. I definitely agree that all of your programs need to have vertical writing and Right to Left support, especially with V2. I am currently designing a book cover that has Japanese Kanji on it, and it is impossible to have to flow authentically from top to bottom and right to left without a crap load of rotating the text, which is very tedious if I want to fix it 

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I am one of those who need that feature.

To the developer,
I think that the rules of vertical writing in Japanese and Chinese may not be clear to multilingual developers.
In that case, please refer to the "GIMP" behavior. It is one of the few OSS image editors that can use the vertical writing feature.

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