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Serif staff: Thanks for the beautiful version 2 of the Affinity suite!!!

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I like to thank the Serif staff for the incredible achievement they made with this new upgrade. It looks very nice and it seems to run smoother on my Mac's and Windows 11 computers. The addition of the new file extensions like webp is a big plus too and a huge timesaver when exporting for the web that I do almost every single day!


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I have to also say, after watching (and participating in, to so degree) all the back-and-forth on the "where's my executable" issue under Windows ...

Regardless of whether the decision to make v2 Windows Store apps was appropriate or not, nearly 2.5 decades in IT gives me an inclination to "feel the pain" of the not-infinite Serif staff in fielding and trying to address the deluge of customer issues while in the middle of all the usual new-product-launch fallout. I was a part of more than a couple technical roll-outs in corporate (real-time, public infrastructure) environments where things had to be addressed now. I can tell you, it's stressful and no fun, and on that note I'd like to mirror the thanks in the previous post.

I personally don't care for technical heavy-handedness from Microsoft -- nor anyone else -- so I tend to take a wait-and-see attitude on their new recommendations. I'm not a fan of Microsoft Store paradigm but as it turns out, so far my Photo 2 installation seems to be working as advertised. That's not to dismiss nor minimize issues anyone else is dealing with, it just is what it is.

Hopefully Serif can come up with a mutually agreeable solution that allows us all to get past the issues and get creative with their products.

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