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Crop operation results in scaling to screen size

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I am very disappointed that this behavior is still not addressed in Photo. It has been reported as a problem for years in v1 of Photo. It is completely fundamental thing that should work and never has worked.

  • Work with game or web bitmap graphics in Photo that are e.g. 200 x 200 in 100% view
  • Crop it to 150 x 150 pixels
  • Photo zooms so the graphics take up the whole screen, i.e. huge pixels
  • Select 100% zoom again, annoyed
  • Crop it again to 150 x 140
  • Photo zooms so the graphic fills the whole screen, i.e. huge pixels
  • Select 100% zoom again, annoyed
  • Etc

Unfortunately, Photo is not useful for working with smaller graphics. And no, setting in prefs doesn't change anything in this workflow. It's unbelievable.

Redefined workflows? Not here. 

 1) You have completely wrecked the layers panel, Serif.

2) I recommend Reddit groups instead of this forum. Not the same few bot-like users replying to everything, a wider representation of users, fewer fanboys, more qualified users. In short, better!

3) I was here to report bugs and submit improvement requests for professional work professionally in a large setup and to bring a lot of knowledge from the world, i.e. professional product development, web- and software development, usability, user experience design and accessibility. I actually know what I am talking about!

BUT! We are phasing out Designer and Affinity in 2022 Q1 - and replacing it with feature complete and algorithmically competent alternatives.
Publisher is unsuitable for serious use, and was never adopted.

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+1, I agree with everything, this is one of main reasons i still more prefer to use Photoshop then Photo, cropping is bad UX with more additional steps needed.
For sure it can be easy fix at developer side: when crop is applied, put zoom to 100% (dont put fit to screen zoom).

Dont enlarge full screen cropped image, nobody want to see it like that.
We are waiting years and years for this!

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  • Staff

Hi - thanks for this feedback. The 2.1 beta has just begun which has a number of crop tool improvements, including maintaining zoom level after crop. More details in the post below. It would be great if you wanted to try it out in the beta and let us know what you think - you can sign up to the beta program here.


Managing Director

Help make our apps better by joining our beta program!

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