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Is it possible to automatically adjust the size of the slice to the same size as the document?
I have several layers and all of them I need to save as separate files with different file formats (some as PNG, some as JPEG, etc.).
I need a little bit of support on this case from Affinity Photo community. ;)


Thanks in advance for help! :)
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Hi pstpn,


Welcome to the forum.


There is no automatic way to adjust the size of the slice, as long as you slice selection is from it's own layer you can manually stretch the slice to the size of the background and then set the required output format in the export setting and with the slice selected click on the export selected to save.




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Lame.  I've got 60 layers to output and NEED them to all be the same size ... the size of the document.  By creating slices first, the size is constrained to the size of the graphic, not the size of the document.  Manually resizing 60 slices before exporting them is MORE WORK than exporting each layer individually.  LAME!

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I've got exactly the same issue, 30 odd logo's placed and sized on a canvas. Thought I'd just be able to create slices and have something like the 'Trim transparent pixels' option in Sketch. No dice, and now pain in the ass. Sketch isn't even billed as an image manipulation program but understands the value of this option when export assets. Resizing after the fact won't work as I need the additional white space created to preserve positioning and size, that was the whole point of the exercise.

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I think I have the exact same problem. I want to cut out (multiple) parts from a photograf and put them on seperate layers. Then I want to export all images with the same image dimensions, that I can put them on top of each other ( without manually setting any transformations). Ultimately, they are displayed on top of each other and the user can manually turn single layers off.

This example shall illustrate the problem:

Source Image(1)


The source image is split up in two images: Background(2) and Flower(3).

Background (2)


Flower (3)


 So that wenn I put 3 on top of 2 for example in a browser i get  again 1:



What is my current status?

My current workflow is to create the layers 1,2 and 3. Then I go to the export persona, select all desired layers and click "Create Slices".

Problem: The slices match the outlines of the layer, meaning that the exported flower image has a different dimension than the background, which would require another manual matching step, which is not acceptable for my workflow.


Writing this post I found a workaround by manually changing the size of the slice to the documents size.


This must be manually done for every slice.



Is there an option to...

a) ... export all layers to images using the artboard size?

b) ...create slices for all layer that automatically have artboard size?

c) ... export slices using the artboard's size?



Thank you in advance.

Best regards, 



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I would also like to chime in on this topic. 

My application is that I want to create a time lapse video from hand-held photographs. Specifically, I want to show how various plants in my garden are growing over the spring - especially hops which grow rapidly up a steel cable. 

To do this I need to align each photo so they are at least roughly showing the same perspective. Affinity photo do this very well and shows the images as a stack of layers within the Photo persona. 

I can then export each individual layer, by switching on each layer individually and going file > export. Each image is the right size, and I can import into Premiere to make a video. 

But this is already quite time consuming - and eventually I hope to have hundreds of images per time lapse. This will be a project lasting several months!

If I go to the Export persona, I can have each layer as a slice, and I can export all the slices at once, in multiple formats. And each one will be not quite right, not quite the right size, and will result in a much more jerky time lapse than individual exporting. 

Photoshop suffers from exactly the same issue. 

I am not very skilled in either Affinity Photo or Photoshop, but I would have thought that being to export multiple layers with the same canvas size simultaneously would be a fairly common need, and also easily developed? Especially given the comments of UI designers on this thread. 


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+1 for this, it would be extremely handy to have a button that would set that slice dimensions to match the canvas/document. I'm exporting product shots, there are about 40 dog collars that all need to be the same final dimensions, but they take up different dimensions within the document. I have to manually drag the boundaries of every slice to make this happen.

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I had the same problem and found that the auto-generated slice was not accurate with the layer if my canvas position was not in the exact pixel (i.e. it had a 0.x value).

So I pixel-aligned all the layers and re-created the slices and they were created the way I wanted them to.

I don't think this is the best solution, but I hope this helps.

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