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The lines drawn with the measuring tool disappear

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I bought the Suite too when I saw that it could import CAD files. I don't understand why you can use the measurement tool to measure the area etc., the measurement is displayed but then it disappears. Not happy.

Please fix this Serif.




MacOS Ventura
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017)
Intel Core i7(4.2 GHz)
32GB DDR4 2400MHz 
1TB SSD Hard drive
12TB OWC Thunderbay 4
Built-In Retina LCD  5120 x 2880
AMD Radeon Pro 580 8GB

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I am a cabinet maker and I upgraded to v2 (universal license) solely for the measure tool.  The fact that the measure line is non-persistent  and not printable is bizarre and pointless.  I now have to abandon Designer (after - literally - a few seconds of use) and revert to Graphic

Really grateful if you would correct this.

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Same here... Area measure tool sound great, and it works pretty good, but what is the point not to be able to keep these numbers?
image.png.8fdda57236ae3b693373c44054be7307.png I can't even copy the text from info bar, which make it highly inpractical..
Is affinity saying that we should just have to use paper and pen to keep these measurement? What is it? 19 century or what?

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Well, new forum users should maybe better first search and look through the already existing forum threads about these themes, since most new postings here are always just uneccessary repitions of already existing threads!

Like for example ...

... and so on!

☛ Affinity Designer 1.10.5 ◆ Affinity Photo 1.10.5 ◆ OSX El Capitan

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Does anyone know if Serif will make the measure tool or area tool in Affinity Designer V2 have the ability to keep the dimensions or area numbers on a page after you measure? This functionality alone would convince me (and many others considering the forum posts over the years) to switch to V2 -- but until then I will remain with V1.

Seems unbelievable that they didn't make this functionality part of the measure tool for V2 when so many people over the years have asked for a simple, useful dimensioning tool. Right now, it is not very useful to just give me one dimension and then have that disappear. As an architect, this would be massively helpful, and I can imagine many other design fields including graphic design and illustration where this would be helpful. Huge oversight.

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Welcome to the forums @w8d8s

57 minutes ago, w8d8s said:

Does anyone know if Serif will make the measure tool or area tool in Affinity Designer V2 have the ability to keep the dimensions or area numbers on a page after you measure?

No-one except the Serif staff will know this and they generally don’t tell us users about future changes in functionality, for various good reasons.

All we can do is make a request, which has already been done (quite a few times for this specific issue, as you have seen), and then wait and see.

There's nothing that anyone outside of Serif can do about this.

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Well, I'm very happy with the Measure Tool as a new feature, sure it could be improved over time but I believe it's a decent start for a 50€ non-subscription software.  

The CAD import is indeed useful to me, but the more CAD tools they add in the closer we come to something like Corel Technical at 499,00 €/year -- ten times the cost of Affinity Designer in just one year.

Oh, and Corel is owned by KKR via a holding company with the funny name of ALLUDO, along with a mix of other software companies. I'm sure that KKR has much more interest in making and hording money than in graphic design software and its humble users . . . . I prefer the Serif Affinity approach much more. 

Perhaps the solution is as@firstdefence wrote of, a CAD add-on tool named Hot Doors CADtools that the CAD-oriented Designer users could purchase as needed. 

Just my two cents worth! K

499,00 €/

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