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Hello the new photo app extensions are nice  :) but limited in many ways.

Would it be possible to provide complete round trip to edit a photo in affinity photo by using an extension?


I do not like to export and import the photo and have two versions of the same image but like to have the complete power of affinity photo.

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I totally concur with this topic.

For example, it is not possible to zoom in/out on a picture when you use affinity retouch extension while using photos. It is nearly impossible to perform proper retouch without being able to zoom...

Moreover, when you try to save the modifications done with extensions, photos explains you that the modifications cannot be saved, whereas they have been saved. Still a few bugs to fix...

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Hi ggsm and stephltz,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Usually DAM (digital assets management software) apps provide a way to edit the images using an external editor. Apple iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom all offer this feature. Currently Apple Photos doesn't provide a way to do it. I'm not sure extensions are intended to be used as a replacement for it. I will try to gather more info about this.



Press ⌥ (option/alt) and scroll the mouse wheel/touch surface to zoom in/out in Apple Photos.

I'm not receiving any error messages when saving using Affinity extensions. I suppose you are working with RAW files in Apple Photos. Which RAW/camera format are you using?

Can you upload a sample image or post a Dropbox link so we can check what's happening?


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