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Creating/Deleting Anchors cause crashing

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As title says. In my scene and even any of my backups, creating or deleting any anchor at all causes publisher to close entirely.

I went as far back as i could and the only exception i see so far is when i had some scenes without any anchors previously before opening, then I can add and delete them how I please. However for any scene in progress with anchors, toying with them in any way seems to cause crashing

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Hi @Patoshlenain,

I would initially suggest following the instructions in the FAQ thread below to remove a Windows update which is causing crashes when performing certain actions, as this may be related to the anchors crashing.

If the issue is still occurring after following the above, this points towards a file specific issue, could you provide me with a sample file where you're encountering this issue? I can provide a private dropbox link if required.

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Hi, I had no difficulty inserting anchors and hyperlinks into your document using the latest Mac version, 1.10.5. Did you remove all of the Windows updates that Nathan pointed out?

Free PDF manual for Publisher 2.2 - links to a forum page with more information [manual updated Sep. 26]

Affinity 2.2.1 for macOS Sonoma 14.1.1, MacBook Pro 14" (M1 Pro)


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This issue recently struck me (in the last week or so), after experiencing no issue at all. I have none of Windows updates listed in the FAQ but opted to remove the most recent update anyway to be safe. No joy. Using anchors is now a now go for me which is royal PITA as most of my work utilises them. Tonight, the programme decided to crash as soon as it had opened, without even opening a document.At some point someone has to look into a realistic fix for these newfound issues right?

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Alright so I just removed the windows update and it works fine now which is a relief. That said, I also just received the email about V2 for the affinity products which puzzle me a bit in a sense since they point out the end of support for V1.

So if I understand correctly, the situation I am in right now is basically to either never update windows again or buy the V2 in the hopes of not having the same issue. I would not mind so much if it was only an upgrade fee but really V1 was doing the trick until this recent problem.

Either don't patch windows or pay-up feels a bit upsetting to me right now :/

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