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Affinity Designer keep crashing whener I am typing the typeface's name

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7 hours ago, B064RT said:

just happened to me... is it a bug?

It’s <something> or <some things> which was/were introduced by one or more Microsoft Windows updates which, in part, changed the way that one or more WPF controls work internally. (The Affinity applications on Windows are WPF applications.)

That update could have:

  • Introduced a new bug in WPF;
  • Exposed an old bug in WPF;
  • Made a change to WPF which existing applications couldn’t account for;
  • Fixed/removed an existing 'code-condition' in WPF which applications were actively exploiting;
  • A combination of two or more of the above, or something else entirely.

All we users can do is either:

  • Uninstall the relevant update(s);
  • Wait to see if Serif do anything about it;
  • Wait to see if Microsoft do anything about it.

We users don’t really have a ‘best solution’ as we cannot affect what happens; for it to be 'fixed', someone else needs to do something.

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