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AD super laggy/crashes when opening/editing file with large amount of curves

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Vectorized a texture file and the resulting svg was rather large. opened it and at first i didn't think it was opening, a little later, I noticed my map was working rather hard. AD had opened my file. Went to zoom in, it froze, then came back. Went to select all layers to add them, crash.


Spinning beach ball of death the whole time.


I can't upload the offending file, since it is 200+mb.


I think this kind of file warrants a special mode for importing large files; never rendering at a high resolution, offering to add all curves together, and less nice looking pan/zoom.


I think the scrollbar (in the layers menu) had hit its minimum size.


2014mbp, nvidia gforce gt 750m, 16gb ram, 15"

AD used 9gb+ of ram


Would this be considered a bug? I wasn't sure.

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Hi RocketPoweredTennisBall welcome to the forum


If you can upload your svg file to dropbox and send us the download link we can take a look at the file for you




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Hi RocketPoweredTennisBall,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Depending on the tracer and settings, vectorising a texture can lead to a very large number of shapes/nodes. If the file you have weights more than 200 MB and it's only composed by vectors it's certainly quite complex. In those cases the software will struggle to zoom/pan/work with such files. This is not a bug per si, it's simply a performance issue due to the complexity of the file. If you upload/post a dropbox link as suggested we will be able to check if there's anything that can be done to improve this.

You may also try to simplify the file (using a third party software or changing the tracing settings) prior to importing it to Designer.

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