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Why cant I change stroke or fill of this curve in ADez.

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6 minutes ago, Affinity Rat said:

after hiding one of the fill layers it started working, unable to put it back into non-functional state.

The fix as mentioned by carl123 is all that is needed – just enable the fill and stroke (removing the other fill, as I mentioned, is unnecessary).
To get it back to the previous state, just switch the fill and stroke back off.

6 minutes ago, Affinity Rat said:

It would appear like a bug or glitch.

Without knowing how you got to the original state it’s difficult to know if it’s a bug or not.

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20 minutes ago, GarryP said:

Without knowing how you got to the original state it’s difficult to know if it’s a bug or not.

Dunno, I’m very familiar with APho but not ADez just started working with the pen tool, was unaware of the appearance studio, expected to see this type of functionality via the layers studio…wrong.

When all else fails read the manual.😊

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13 minutes ago, GarryP said:

When you “just started with the pen tool” did you start with a brand new document and then immediately start using the Pen Tool, or had you done other things with the document first?

I had pasted a bitmap into the doc, hen started with pen tool.

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I wouldn’t have expected the visibility of the stroke and/or fill to be affected by doing that and, as far as I know, there isn’t a ‘setting’ to have strokes/fills disabled by default.

Have you tried to replicate the process to see if the same thing happens more than once?
If it happens more than once, does it happen with other images, and/or other types of image, or just that one image or image type?

Is there some reason why you pasted the bitmap into the document rather than using another method?
Pasting might, possibly, have some unintended effects so can you Place the image into the document instead and see what happens?

(I don’t have an iPad so I can’t check any of this.)

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