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.pct format need

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I am trying to transition over to Affinity Photo and Designer. I work with video. One of the formats that is commonly exported from QuickTime Pro is the .pct format. I am cannot currently bring that format into Affinity Photo and would like to see this format supported. 


(I tried to attach a file for you to be able to see what I am talking about but the uploader said that I could not attach that type of file.)

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Hello and welcome to the forums. I'm not a video guy and so I don't know but as a graphics guy coming from the advertising/design/pre-press world isn't the .pct format a little old? I was surprised to hear that it is even still used. When I think of .pct, I think of Classic (OS 9 and before). There isn't a newer file type that you can use? Just curious as I have no idea about video. 


Best regards,


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Yes .pct is getting on a bit now!
One workaround would be to open the .pct file in Preview first and export from that as a PDF and then open the PDF file in Affinity P/D.
Another possible option if you are often dealing with uncertain legacy files, is maybe have a look at GraphicsConverter here: http://www.lemkesoft.de/en/products/graphicconverter/
There’s a trial version and the paid is not too expensive.

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Another workaround is to use the older  quicktime player 7  to export a picture-sequence. In this case you get jpg-files. I use this method to retouch a range of complicates frames which are not suitable for batch handling. After manual cleanup I import the frames with the  quicktime player 7 and have a clean video

But in general I agree that PCT-files should be accessible via Affinity Photo

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