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3d offset
3D transform (or offset it, then provide an option to vectorize) layers for a layered 3D effect (see attached)
Opens up menu with the following options:

  • Perspective/Isometric   (radio buttons)
  • Viewing angle   (slider and box)
  • Tilt angle   (one slider and box per layer, in pop-out)
  • Identical offset distance/Varied offset distance   (radio buttons)
  • Offset distance from below layer   (one slider and box per layer, in pop-out)
  • Distance blur   (checkbox)
  • Focal point   (slider and box, with a center on layer option: pick a layer, and its center is the focal point)
  • Blur distance   (slider and box)
  • Blur layers around selected layer   (slider and box, pick a layer, automatically defaults to the layer picked in 'Focal Point' and vice versa it defaults to this)

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