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Inserting the eight part of a squad / Ein Achtelgeviert einfügen (Affinity Publisher)

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Hello / Hallo,

I am currently looking for a way to insert the eighth part of a squad into text. I found options for a full or half squad and others, but not for the eighth part, which surprises me as I learned this as an important part of micro-typography. Can someone help me out, e.g., is this space hidden with another name or can be defined/inserted manually? (And sorry in case the English terms don't fully match; English is not my first language).


Ich suche derzeit nach einer Möglichkeit, ein Achtelgeviert in den Text einzufügen. Ich habe Optionen für ein halbes oder ganzes Geviert und auch andere Geviert-Teile gefunden, aber keine Option für ein Achtelgeviert. Was mich wundert, weil ich dieses Abstandsmaß als wichtigen Bestandteil in der Mikro-Typografie gelernt habe. Kann mir hier jemand weiterhelfen; versteckt sich dieser Abstand bspw. hinter einem anderen Namen oder kann manuell definiert/eingegeben werden?

Thanks in advance / Danke im Vorraus,

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See these threads:


And also see ...

  • Unicode Spaces here

    Widths of space characters

    The characters U+2000…U+2006, when implemented in a font, usually have the specific width defined for them, though small deviations exist. Their widths are defined in terms of the em unit, i.e. the size of the font.

    The characters U+2007…U+200A and U+202F have no exact width assigned to them in the standard, and implementations may deviate considerably even from the suggested widths. Moreover, when concepts with the same names, such as “thin space”, are used in publishing software, the meanings can be rather different. For example, in InDesign, “thin space” is now 1/8 em (i.e. 0.125 em, as opposite to the suggested 0.2 em) and “hair space” only 1/24 em (i.e. about 0.042 em, whereas the width of a THIN SPACE glyph typically varies between 0.1 em and 0.2 em).

  • ... etc.

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☛ Affinity V2.3 apps ◆ MacOS Sonoma 14.2 ◆ iPad OS 17.2

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