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Is there an easy (1 step, ideally one keystroke) command to fit window to image?


Why? I am making composite images out of multiple source images. When figuring out how to arrange the various elements, I have each file (up to about 20) open as separate windows, then move them around for a rough selection/composition. I can easily make the images smaller with command-minus, but the window stays the same size. I can also manually reduce window by dragging mouse and then command-zero to make image fully visible. That leaves a lot of irregular background on the window. With larger number of images, even a 4K screen gets cramped.


That's why I am looking for a quick adjustment. Thanks!


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i have no clues about resizing a window around an image, but i found that -with the view tool selected- a doubleclick on an image resizes it to fit the window. this should obtain the result you need, with a different approach.

take care,


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