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photo - patch tool works only if "current layer & below" is selected

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it looks like photo's patch tool works only if the "current layer & below" option is selected, even when the image has only one layer. here's what i experimented:


1) load a jpg image in photo

2) be sure its only pixel layer is selected

3) click on the patch tool

4) drag the mouse on the image to select the area to be patched

5) hover the mouse elsewhere over the image: the content of the selection changes reflecting what is around the current position of the mouse

6) click to apply the patch


the selected area shows the original pixels again and the patch is not applied


7) now, in the patch tool options, select "current layer & below"

8) repeat steps 2 to 5


the patch is applied and the selected area is surrounded with a frame that allows turning and resizing


9) click outside the frame described above


the frame and the selection's marching ants disappear and the patch is definitively (destructively) applied


now this is quite a strange behavior to me: i would not expect having to select "current layer & below", since i am working with only one pixel layer.


note that if i create a new empty pixel layer, select this one new layer and use the patch tool on it after choosing "current layer & below, everything works as expected: the selection shows the image in the original layer below ad is applied to the new layer when i click after hovering, leaving the original one untouched. this allows to patch non destructively.


thanks for any suggestion or explanation.

take care,


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could it be a problem with my mouse?

this morning i experimented that behavior several times on more than one image. now, i can't reproduce it again on any of them. however, in a couple of cases i did not get the resize/rotate frame and when i clicked on the new source spot, the patch was immediately applied.

it looks like my mouse sometimes doesn't click and sometimes doubleclicks when i just click. the strange thing is that this happens (or at least, it happened until now) only using the patch tool.

thank you for your answer, i'll try to investigate further on this aspect.

take care,


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i triggered the problem again, and i'm quite sure it does not depend on my mouse. i'd rather guess it is related to a condition of full memory, since it happens only if the mac is paging or about to start paging. i remember i had problems with the keyboard in similar situations, but they were apparently solved in the last beta (1.4.1 beta).

take care,


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