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Issues with making a specific shape in Affinity Designer

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I want to make the shape shown above, with four round corners and a transparent background.

I made this by using a subtract boolean on a rectangle within a rectangle and matching an outer rectangles radius with an inner for concentric circles. Then I placed four squares in each corner and used the union boolean. 

I don't understand how I can match inner and outer radius perfect with this method. Is there a much simpler way to get this shape that I don't understand with my (basic) knowledge of Affinity Designer?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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You can use a rectangle and set the corner type to curved, and use a stroke of the desired width. When ready, expand stroke, and continue to subtract the rectangles.

PS: This method ensures the document (and export to e.g. SVG) stays in pure vector format.

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In addition to the advice above, another method – if you don’t mind the result being rasterised upon exporting – is that shown in my attached image and document.

The Rounded Rectangle has been put in a Group with two Rectangles which are above the Rounded Rectangle in the Layer Stack; one rectangle is wider and shorter then the Rounded Rectangle, the other is narrower and taller.

The two non-rounded rectangles have been given a Blend Mode of Erase which causes them to erase the parts of the Rounded Rectangle that they cover.

One benefit of doing this is that the all of the rectangles still exist as rectangles and can be resized/moved when needed.
Another benefit is that the rounded rectangle stroke width can also be changed when needed.



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Here is a non-destructive method using a contour and a compound shape.

1. Draw rounded rectangle
2. Clone and add a contour of desired width
3. Draw 2 rectangles (as a + shape) to act as cutters
4. Create a compound object (hold Alt as you click the Boolean subtract)


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Although tedious, yet another way to do this without expanding any strokes involves adding the 2 'cutter' rectangles, snapping them to the center lines of the rounded rectangle, converting that rounded rectangle to curves, adding nodes to it at all the intersections with the 2 cutter rectangles, & then deleting all its segments that are within the area of the 2 cutters.

round corners.afdesign includes the history so you can see exctly how I did it, step by step.

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Here is my two takes on it, one involves subtracting and breaking curves the second is just drawing four (right angled) curves for the four corners and then using the corner tool on the objects.

File with history saved.  I think I put up the wrong file. it is in the next post.


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I have never mastered color management, period, so I cannot help with that.

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