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Minor: "Support..." Link in "Help" Menu Redirect Trouble

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Hi there,


the "Support..." link in the "Help" menu seems to open fine, but it first loads a URL that causes a redirect to the actual Forums URL. This has the negative side effect that the Forums software doesn't respect the "Remember Me" login option and the user always has to "Sign In" again and again (CRSF protection or something?). It's slightly annoying. :)


Easy fix:

the "Support..." link in the menu should open the actual forum URL (proper link and protocol) directly, so there's no redirect anymore.


Additional request:

Maybe the link should say "Support and Community..." (or something in that direction), so the user knows beforehand he ends up on a Forums site and not on some kind of contact page or similar (that's somehow what I expected when I used the link for the first time :) )





3D and 2D hobby(art)ist. You can follow me on Twitter: @binaryriot or Instagram: binaryriot

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