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How to work with layers that exceed the size of the vertical FOV in 360 live projection?

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I am trying to work with Affinity Photo for the first time for editing 360 equirectangular images in the live projection mode.

I want to cover a poster on the wall with a new graphic, however the poster exceeds the size of the vertical FOV, so the corners of the new layer fall outside the viewport.

I cannot pan the live projection with both layers retaining their positions relative to each other (only the equirectangular pans, but the graphic layer stays still).

I can only pan again with both layers after merging down the new graphic onto the equirectangular into a single layer (is this correct?).

But when I exit the live projection, the corners of the new graphic that fell outside the viewport are cut off.

I could only get the corners to fit in the viewport if I use the straighten tool and turn by 30 degrees.

But after merging down and exiting live projection, the image is no longer straight. If I use the straighten tool and turn by negative -30 degrees, then exit, it's not exactly as straight as before, and the yaw/pitch are not exactly the same.

Is there some way to get the corners to fit into the viewport, or expand the vertical FOV, without messing up the projection with the straightening tool?

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Hi gfhsrthj64udtkgjdj, welcome to the forums, 


Live Projection is accessed via the layers dropdown menu, and as such is only a preview for the selected layer.

Remember it's just a preview, its used to check to see if the image you are creating is suitable for equirectangular projection, it's not a process itself.

If you wish to flatten, and leave areas outside of the projection editable, I'd suggest a taller image than you need and using a non destructive crop, then rasterise and trim your layer  before you preview your projection, and undo the rasterisation to retrieve the editable area.


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Hi, thanks, but I don't really  understand the procedure that you're recommending.

I'm trying to replace a poster in an equirectangular image, which is not straight or rectilinear

I need to work in live projection mode so that I can import the rectilinear graphic into a new layer that will be used to cover the old poster, and then warp the new layer into equirectangular format. This doesn't seem possible unless I flatten the new layer to the equirectangular layer before existing live projection. But the poster exceeds the vertical FOV of the live projection so the new layer gets cutoff when I flatten it.

What I've done:

  • Open an equirectangular
  • Go to live projection
  • pan and tilt to the poster on the wall, the poster exceeds the vertical FOV
  • drag and drop a new layer containing the graphic to be used to cover the poster completely
  • use the perspective tool to skew the new layer graphic over the corners of the poster
  • corners of the new layer fall outside the live view projection
  • if I exit live view now, the new layer graphic does not warp into equirectangular, instead it stays rectilinear, the same as if it were in live projection
  • before exiting live view, instead I flatten the new layer graphic onto the equirectangular layer
  • exit live projection
  • now the new graphic is covering the old poster in the equirectangular image, however the corners are cut off because they were outside the live view projection


Are you recommending that I:

  • increase the canvas height of the equirectangular image before going into live projection?
  • import the new graphic as a layer
  • flatten
  • exit live projection
  • crop back to 2:1 aspect ratio?

Edit: I've just tried increasing the canvas height, but when entering live projection, it is not rectilinear, so this does not work.


Here is a simulation showing how the corners get cut after merging down and exiting live projection.





  • How can I increase the vertical FOV in live projection so that a rectilinear layer created in live projection is not cut off when merging down?
  • Or how can I convert a rectilinear layer created in live projection into an equirectangular layer without needing to merge down?
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