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How do I warp text in Affinity Designer?

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Though you can't see in the demo file, whether he truly did those warp effects within Affinity's apps. On the other side, that Esekiel word/logo in the centre isn't that hard to reproduce without warp tool. Just a couple of nodes which have to be moved simultaneously in a straight vertical line. If you use a waved path as reference in order to align the nodes, it's reproducible within some minutes. (Still takes longer than with a warp tool.)

»A designer's job is to improve the general quality of life. In fact, it's the only reason for our existence.«
Paul Rand (1914-1996)

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4 minutes ago, Paarweck said:

Thanks. Anyway it is a nice Work from Mr. Pfister.

For sure. It's so much more than just the warped text. Also, just because it's technically easy to reproduce, that doesn't mean it's easy to invent and create it initially.

»A designer's job is to improve the general quality of life. In fact, it's the only reason for our existence.«
Paul Rand (1914-1996)

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42 minutes ago, ronanski said:

2021 - This and many other basic functions that we are constantly being told are on the roadmap are still nowhere to be seen 5 years down the road... The raster workaround is useless. I need it to be an editable text path, or at the very least vector.

The roadmap was great tool that gave hope and worked as a push for new users to invest time in learning the apps, with a future vision of a basic set of functions that would allow the ability to take a job from concept to completion - but another few months and it's seven years since Designers release and still the same void + workarounds - VectorStyler was released last week with a complete set of functions, (although not as pleasurable to use as Affinity) - I'm now seriously considering investing time in learning VS so I can just crack on with producing real vector artwork without a load of workarounds


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I find the lack of envelope and text warp highly frustrating in Designer especially on the iPad. I have to use draw plus on the computer for this but that is not available on iPad an neither is affinity publisher. Instead of being able to use designer like this, work flow has been severely compromised. Designer is used a lot for printing purposes whilch require warped texts as Draw Plus did.  It is the most disappointing thing in what otherwise is a great program as it is something used a lot in graphic design. 

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