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[AD / AP] Slices have the wrong boundingbox, cutting off effects

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This has probably ever be reported by somebody before, but I couldn't find any reporting on this issue with the forum search, so just to be sure it's known and hopefully can get a fix:

Slices created from fill layers having a mask vector layer with gausian blur applied to it have bounding boxes that are cutting off the blur. This results in unusable export files as we obviously want the effect to be there fully, not cut off. 

It looks like effects are ignored by calculating the bounding box to create a slice.

[edit] The bounding box of the mask in the normal editor is already ignoring effects by calculating the bounding box. Which is fine in the editor and even wanted in most cases IMO. But the same calculation results in issues in wrong sizes/positions to create slices in the export persona (please see images below)

The same issue happens in Photo.

I'm sure I know a way to work around this for now, but that's far from ideal and especially in the project I'm currently working at a loooot of (redundant extra) work. This obviously needs to work out of the box, so hoping for a fix!

Thanks in advance! 😀


layer and fx situation

Masked with this construction by dropping here 🙂





bounding box of the fill layer in the editor mode:



bounding box of the mask layer without effect in the editor mode:



bounding box of the mask layer WITH effect in the editor mode:



created slice is too small (you see the bbox is way smaller than the real boundingbox as seen in the normal editor).
The slice seems to ignore the effects applied at calculation time or something else is wrong in its cropping method:



output file after exporting using the export persona: blur is cut off




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  • Staff

Hi @MmmMaarten,

Thanks for your report!

Are you able to provide a sample document with the above layers present so I can investigate this further?

If you wish for privacy, this can have your other layers deleted as I should only need the Pixel layer with the clipped vector :)

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  • Staff

Thanks for providing that for me!

I'm able to replicate this issue here, I can see the PNG dimensions are ~40px shorter on both the X & Y values when compared to using File > Export > Selection only.

Therefore I'm getting this logged with our developers now - many thanks once again :D

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@Dan C Thanks! Perhaps you could also tell them that having this issue fixed is especially import when working with Spine as target and use the exporter to export a spine.json file.

Like me now, working on a project with around 200 different slices!! (which isn't an exception as we're creating animation). Exporting them all one by one isn't really an option. And even if I would do that I also need to import and place all these 200 items one by one in Spine on the right pixel-perfect location one by one.

I cannot use that spine export method now (except if we add add 200 workarounds in the file), because of the wrong locations and sizes in the spine.json export.(with workaround I mean that I could add invisble objects in Affinity around all these blurs in order to fool the bounding box calculation)

While normally we can just export the slices in the Affinity export tab with the spine.json option enabled; doing this all automatically (and equally important: allows me to edit the files and re-export when something needs to change in the file, which happens a lot because we're dealling with a creative process and progression 😉!!). In Spine we only need to import the spine.json and it loads all images on the exact locations in two seconds.

Thanks again!

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