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Round trip from Alien Skin Exposure X

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When I try to right click and "Edit Copy" of a photo as a tiff from Alien Skin Exposure X to Affinity Photo, AP thinks it's a raw file and opens it in "Develop Persona" as an entirely black image, which can't be processed. If I simply export the same photo from Exposure to my desktop as a tiff, and then open that image with AP, all works as intended. I'm honestly not sure which application is causing the hiccup, but I have no problem round-tripping the same file from Exposure X to Photoshop.  Is there a reason AP would think a tiff file should be opened in "Develop Persona"?

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Its working fine for me  - Have you applied any effects or done anything to the image.?


Also if you could attach an image or provide a dropbox link we can investigate further.

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