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10 hours ago, fde101 said:

Why are you  exporting SVG for use in a video editor?  I would just use a raster image file instead.  We aren't quite at the point where video is being exported in a vector format anyway

So you can scale it without rendering quality issues. A motion graphics tool can use temporal anti-aliasing more efficiently when it can use paths to generate its own pixels the way it likes to process them. In Nuke for example you can get super sharp logos if you create a font with the base shapes and colour them in-app once compiled to match. In general, rastering to need vs pixel remapping is very different when it comes to render. Also most motion graphics apps will let you manipulate the vector shapes once imported.

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17 minutes ago, Frank Jonen said:

motion graphics tool

Ah...  ok, I missed that OpenShot has that capability.  Maybe I need to take a closer look at that one (though personally I generally would just use Resolve in most cases)...  if @dsac is in fact doing motion graphics work then I agree that it makes sense to get SVG working; if just taking artwork and putting it onto the timeline as a clip, then I would reduce the hassle and just use a raster format.

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