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Add "Opacity" to the Context Toolbar for Pen & Pencil Tool

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So theres 3 tools. The pencil tool, the vector brush tool, and the pen tool. All 3 tools have a context toolbar that appears at the bottom of your screen when you select 1 of these tools. All 3 context toolbars are very similar because they all relate to a stroke's properties since youre creating a stroke with these 3 tools. Properties meaning the color of the stroke, the width of the stroke, and the opacity of the stroke. Its really just those 3 properties. Width, opacity, and stroke(the color of the stroke). 

So my issue is that "Opacity" isnt available for the pen and pencil context tool bar. These 3 properties (Width, opacity, and stroke) should be available on all 3 tool's context toolbars. So I need opacity to be added to the context toolbars of the pen and pencil tool. I dont know when users will ever lower the opacity of their stroke but it should be available to them on all 3 toolbars. 

Below, I have attached an image showing all 3 context toolbars of each 3 tools and I use a color coded star to indicate what 3 stroke properties are available on each toolbar. Look at how some toolbars are missing "opacity(yellow star)", and look at how theyre all disorganized. Width and stroke are more to the left on 1 toolbar while width and stroke are more to the right on another toolbar. Lets get a little more organized here and keep thing consistent. 


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Here is an image of a redesign that I did of how each context toolbar for these 3 tools should look like. Look at how theres organization. Look at how I follow this order of width, opacity, and then stroke. This is how it should look like. Compare the two images and look how the current context toolbar is all over the place. 

I swapped "stroke" with "more" in the vector brush context toolbar because I'm following the order of width, opacity, stroke, and then "more" would be left last. Or if you want you can make "more" first and then put a gray rule/divider so that it looks like "sculpt" or "edit node" in the other toolbars.

I also renamed "color" to "stroke" in the pen context toolbar. It should be named "stroke" because thats how all the others are named. Stroke is referring to the color of the stroke. You dont name it "color" because "stroke" and "fill" relate to the color of the stroke and fill. Otherwise youd have to rename both the "stroke" and "use fill" to "color" and now youre going to have 2 "color" options. Itll be confusing to users. 

I hope this helps. 


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I wanted to revisit the design I did for the vector brush context toolbar. I had put "More" after "Stroke" and I dont really like it because its not the same as the other toolbars. So I went ahead and moved "More" to the beginning to go with "Sculpt" and "Edit Mode" in the other context toolbars. They are color coded green and each toolbar has a similar design. What ever you want to do is fine. Just make sure width, opacity, and stroke are available on all 3 context tool bars. 

Please look at the Vector Brush Context Toolbar to see what I mean. 


Vector Toolbar.jpg

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