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Pencil / Vector Brush Streamline Stabilizer Request

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So stabilization is already available for pencil and vector brush. I have an issue with that though. Its not the stabilization that I want. Theres rope stabilizer and then theres window stabilizer. The stabilizer that I'm looking for is the one like in Procreate called "Streamline." You pretty much increase the amount of streamline you want and then you can start drawing very smoothly. 

You dont have that here on ipad. You have rope and window stabilizer where increasing the amount creates a gap between your stroke and pencil as you draw to draw a smooth stroke. I dont want that. I dont want to draw with a gap. I want to just draw smooth strokes. If I need VERY precise drawing then Ill use rope stabilizer. I want to just increase the streamline of my pencil tool and draw smooth strokes with no gaps. 

I hope I make sense. I dont know what to call it. I guess "Streamline Stabilizer?" So you would have Streamline, Rope, and Window stabilizer. 

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I wanted to add that when you use rope and window stabilizer the smoothness of your stroke depends on YOU. It depends on how slowly YOU  move your hand. Youre still going to get a flimsy stroke. Its not going to be smoothed out for you. Its only going to be smooth if you traced out your stroke slowly.

I need the app to smooth my stroke when I draw out my stroke. Thats why im requesting a "streamline stabilizer" where the app smooths your stroke depending on the amount of streamline you have it set to. Again, its exactly how procreate works. Look at how streamline works in procreate. Your stroke is more smooth by the amount of streamline you have on. So itd be nice to have a 3rd stabilizer called "streamline stabilizer" where i can draw a stroke and the app smooths it out for me based on the amount of streamline I have on. 

Streamline in Procreate below. 

This streamline feature would honestly make me like working on affinity designer on the ipad over the desktop version and make me like using the apple pencil more.


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