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AD: Layers won't show in pixel persona (workaround)

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So far I am loving the updates for AD and AP.  I am however having one issue:


In Designer and when working with an existing document, whenever I select the Pixel Persona and show the layer panel, no layers are shown. When I attempt to add a layer, I can see that a new layer has indeed been created as indicated on the bottom toolbar that displays tips/info. Again though, these layers don't show in the layer window when working with an existing document. 


I have found a workaround for it. When a new document is created, layers in the layer panel appear properly and function just fine. After creating this new document, I switch windows to my existing document and layers "magically" show up again. They appear to function just fine as well so far.


I have noticed one difference in the update that may or may not contribute to this issue. When opening AD, the draw persona is displayed by default with no sidebar for layers, strokes, etc.... I have to select pixel persona to display this sidebar. Prior to the update, this sidebar was loaded and displayed by default.


AFAIK, this issue has not affected me in AP. 

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Firstly it may be worth resetting the app by running it up with the control key pressed, making sure the reset studio option is selected in the dialog and then press clear. I've been trying to recreate the issue you describe without any success. If the layers still don't show up after a reset could you please attach a sample document.



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Thank you pauls. As it appears, this has solved this issue for now. It may have been an issue with Designer opening with existing documents that were in use prior to the upgrade.


Now that I have followed your steps, the issue seems to have gone away and that includes reopening Designer with the documents I was having issues with.


Thank you.

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FWIW, I had the same problem, but in reverse: the entire right sidebar would not appear for me in Draw Persona, but would in Pixel Persona. Resetting the studio as was advised here appears to have corrected the problem. I'm not sure if it's relevant, but I'm pretty sure the documents I was opening were created before the latest update, if that might have any bearing on things.

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