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Metin Seven

[Fixed] Snapping to bounding box only seems to work in certain situations

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I've recently bought Affinity Photo and I'm really content with it. Great work.


There's only one thing I can't get to work properly in all cases, and that's snapping. It seems to only work in certain situations / settings.


For example:


1: Create a new document.

2: Turn on all snapping types.

3: Add a vector layer (rectangle).

4: Copy the vector layer and test if snapping to bounding boxes works (corners, midpoint, etc.).

5: Open a pixel image.

6: Copy and paste the image into the working document and close the imported image tab.

7: Test again if the snapping still works, by moving the image to the vector layers.

8: Copy the pixel layer, and delete the vector layers, so only two pixel layers remain.

9: Try to snap one of the two remaining pixel layers to the other pixel layer. Snapping to bounding boxes will then suddenly not work anymore, at least over here.


Maybe this isn't a bug and I'm doing something wrong. I hope so. :)



visualization • illustration • animation • 3D design — metinseven.nl

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Hi Metin Seven,

Affinity Photo/Designer only snaps to six objects simultaneously to avoid a profusion of smart guides on screen. If the object you're trying to snap to isn't working, mouse over it a few seconds until a purple outline flashes. This means the object is now a snapping candidate (you can enable Show snapping candidates in the Snapping Manager to see which objects are currently being considered for snapping - they have a purple outline around them). From now on you can snap to that object.


So in the case of the images, just mouse over the image you want to snap to to for a few moments until a purple outline flashes (even while dragging another object/image), then snap to it as you usually do.

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Thanks for your quick reply, much appreciated.


The purple outline after hovering only seems to appear around the vector layers. After the outline has appeared, snapping indeed works, also between vector and pixel layers. But no purple outline appears when I hover over one of the images, so I can't snap an image to the other.


Only some snap types always work when working with pixel layers, such as snapping to the document bounds and midpoints.

visualization • illustration • animation • 3D design — metinseven.nl

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