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When I select Lab in the info panel the values are shown as L W B. I think L must be Lumance. But what do W and B stand for? And why the values are not named as L, a and b?

Markus Wäger | German Autor | Graphic Design, Photoshop and Photography Expert | preparing a german book about Affinity Photo


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Speaking of Lab output values, I wonder which approach is 'correct' and make sense in terms of clipping to -128. Case in point is Green 255 in ProPhoto RGB. It is an 'illegal' imaginary color. In both Photoshop and Affinity Photo, it's shown as an aStar of -128. In Adobe's Lightroom, it's not clipped, it is shown as -187.7 (the decimal values CAN be useful, more later if you so desire). 


Which is correct and more useful to the end user? I personally prefer how Lightroom provides a value that doesn't clip to the +/- 128 value, it tells us this isn't a color! 



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