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Hello People,

We use Affinity Photo 1.10.5 with Windows 10 21H1.

I have the Problem that I have created a File, 2000x2000 Pixel as a Template for our Online-Shop, our Partners etc. 
In this File I place the Affinity Files of our Products (Product Shots) and also the "Mood Pictures" / Atmosphere pictures. They are linked because I can Edit the Source Affinity File and the changes are applied to every File.

So this works Perfect in our Front Page Template (180 MB) and this File contains mostly Linked Resources 30+. The Loadtime is longer, sure it needs to load every Resource. 

The new File, 2000x2000 Pixel Product Shots, will sadly load a lot faster (ok only 5 Linked Resources at the moment), because the Pictures are blurry. When I click on the Image I can open the original and it is sharp. But to get this Sharp Image in the new File, I must zoom in / out and the Picture is sharp.

Hope this Bug will corrected. I assume that Affinity wants to load the File as fast as possible and large / big linked Resources will be stored with a small Resolution so Affinity can load the full Resource in the Background.

I mean I know why Affinity does this, like 100 Resources with 150 MB each will make a huge load on the Network Traffic. But maybe add a Toggle that says "Load all Resources in the File at Full Resolution. WARNING: Will result in much longer Loadtimes and more Network Traffic."

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  • Staff

A blurry preview can occur if the source file isn't available. Have you double checked the source location to make sure that the source files are still available/in place?

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On 6/7/2022 at 4:30 PM, Lee D said:

Have you double checked the source location to make sure that the source files are still available/in place?

Hello Lee D,

thank you for the answer. I have checked the source files. They are all there. when I doubleclick on the file, the "afphoto" File will be opened.  It looks like that Affinity Photo "forgets" to load the Image. Because when I export the "blurry" preview the picture is like it should be (sharp, crisp). 

I mean when I forcefully rename / move one linked file, Affinity tells me that when I open the File. It says "Missing Resource(s)". So it seems that Affinity checks the Resources and everything is fine but it don´t load them fully. 

I mean this bug is only in the Edit, when you export the Picture it is as it should be. Annoying bug in this file. Because our Template for our Online Shop with over 30+ Linked files does not have this bug (The difference are: The Template has some embedded Texts and Art. Size: 180 MB. Linked Files are on another Network Drive. The "Buggy" File (Size: 31 MB and no Texts / Art, just Linked Images) is located on the Same Network drive as the Source Files.)

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