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Resize Document works wrong

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The Resize Document dialogue hast to get better. When I open the dialogue, uncheck the interpolation option and change from Pixel to Inch or Centimeter and rise the value of DPI (PPI would be correct) it leads to higher image resolution. If the interpolation option is unchecked Affinity Photo should not change the pixel count in width and hight what ever I do!

It also is hard to find correct settings for this dialogue. If I change values on DPI and measure in Centimeters instead of Pixel (what would be a normal process for print designers) I have no idea what my changes do to the image resolution. I have to set the measurement back to pixel and have to have in mind what size the image has before to make sure that images are not blown out. It is very important that this dialogue shows the pixel count all the time as well es the values before and after. In Photoshop I can look at the image size in KB/MB to check if it will be reduzed or blown up.


Hope my bad english is good enough to describe what I mean.


PS: I am teaching Photoshop for 12 years now and I know how hard it is for beginners to understand resolution. It is very important that this dialogue is working transparent and correct. It would be best if settings that leads to blown up images signals the user some kind of warning like “blown up images leads to unsharp results”.

Markus Wäger | German Autor | Graphic Design, Photoshop and Photography Expert | preparing a german book about Affinity Photo


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