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iPad Photo: Noise on visible layer appears when layer is *active*

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Can’t reproduce. The file you uploaded has only one layer. We would need the file in the exact state as shown in the video.

As Affinity is using mip maps for rendering, it temporary (split second) shows a lower resolution before reaching full resolution. This leads to images looking much sharper / less noisy. If your iPad is slow for any reason (low battery, background apps, memory low) it can take noticeable time to reach full resolution.

Noise is almost always details of highest resolution / smallest details (1px), so the mip map effect becomes visible. On “natural” images without artificial noise, it doesn’t become visible.

Clicking between layers may trigger re-rendering the overall stack.

PS: I would recommend to force-restart the iPad. PNG export works.


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Mac mini M1 A2348

LG34WK950U-W, calibrated to DCI-P3 with LG Calibration Studio / Spider 5

iPad Air Gen 5 (2022) A2589

Special interest into procedural texture filter, edit alpha channel, RGB/16 and RGB/32 color formats, stacking, finding root causes for misbehaving files, finding creative solutions for unsolvable tasks, finding bugs in Apps.


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I looked for that file, but can’t spot it. I must have continued my trouble shooting, and gotten some answers about what I was seeing, and modified the file. If I see this issue again, I’ll capture a clip straight away and post it.

Thank you for your help!

EDIT: I just tried to re-create the issue by building a similar file with 3 layers, noise on one of them. I can not reproduce the problem, either. Might this be one of those things that happens when the iPad is due for a reboot?

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