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Colors changing on exported and emailed jpeg images AD

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Specifically, when I have been sending an jpeg image through iMessage to my phone-- and also the same thing happened when I tried sending an export jpeg through hotmail-- the colors shifted.  They became much more saturated and the shadow areas became a dark black color. 


I have never had this problem before.  Additionally older images that I have made in AD export just fine.  So I am very confused.  Just to test that it's only happening to AD, I sent a jpeg to my phone that was exported from a program called ArtRage and nothing changed there.


Any help would be much appreciated. 


First image file saves and transfers just fine as a jpeg-- "Simple Nativity Scene"


Second image not so much.  "Design4."


I'm not sure what the difference in these two document files might be, but I suspect it has something to do with the document setup. 


Again, I'm exporting to JPEG at 1000 pxls (image still looks fine on the computer) but when I send it via instant message and hotmail the colors are fugitive.  I have an iphone 4s, latest upgrade. 

simple nativity scene.afdesign


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Try changing your document to RGB/8 with the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile selected and try again. I've had this issue before and I'm sure this fixed it.


Keep us updated :)

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Hi Leigh;  


I'm having the same problem.  Have tried your suggestion to no avail.   I've tried all kinds of output settings but still exported .jpg is way too dark.  

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.  


Help very much appreciated.

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