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I've recently bought Affinity Photo, and I am quite pleased with it. It feels very solid and snappy.


At the moment there's one thing I can't get to work, and that's layer boundary snapping, in order to align two layers against each other.


I've turned on all snapping options, but when I move a layer towards another layer, they simply overlap, no snapping occurs.


A snapping line does appear when a layer nears the center of the canvas, and snapping works in that case. The same goes for canvas boundaries, that also works as expected.


I'm using El Capitan and a consumer level Wacom tablet. Could the Wacom tablet be the culprit, as the driver takes over pointer control? Or am I just doing something wrong?


Many thanks in advance for any replies.

visualization • illustration • animation • 3D design — metinseven.nl

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  • Staff

As long as you have Snap to spread and Snap to object bounding box selected, it should work fine. You could try increasing Screen tolerance to see if that works any better. Do you get the same issue when using your mouse or trackpad instead of the Wacom tablet?

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Thanks for your reply, Leigh, much appreciated.


I have tried all snapping options and an increased Screen tolerance, but to no luck.


I've also added this to the bug reports section, and it turned out to be an issue that only occurs when working with pixel layers. Vector layer snapping works fine in Affinity Photo, but trying to turn a pixel layer into a snapping candidate by hovering the pointer over it fails.


Best regards,



visualization • illustration • animation • 3D design — metinseven.nl

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Same problem here. I can't snap pixel layer to anything exept guides, objects and document edges. But I found that you can temporarily create rectangle using pixel layer dimensions, place first pixel layer over it and resize to fit (it will snap perfectly) and then snap other pixel layers to this first "pixel layer" (in fact - rectangle object).

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