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Grouped Batch Layer Selected, Shift+Arrow Won't Make It Move

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I am creating character model sheets.  Since the character turnaround had to stay precisely within certain guide lines from angle to angle, I need to be able to move the groups of shapes horizontally (rather than just picking them up and placing them next to each other, eyeballing it).  What I've noticed is happening is this:


1.  I group all of the shapes for a single character pose into one grouped layer.


2.  I select the grouped layer in the layer box so it's highlighted.


3.  I then press Shift+Right Arrow to get it moving, but instead I get that error "beep" sound repeatedly, until I take my fingers off the buttons.  It won't move.


The only way I've found I can remedy the problem is to use the Move arrow tool and drag the selected image away manually, then Apple+Z it back in place, and THEN it allows me to use the Shift+Right Arrow to move it.  It doesn't work simply for me to click on the Move arrow, and then start the Shift+Right Arrow.  I have to physically drag the image away first, put it back in place, and only then will the Shift+arrow option work.  It just ends up being a lot of extra steps for something that ought to be quick.  


I hope you might allow selections to be movable with arrow keys just by selecting the layers in the layer box, rather than having to click the Move tool and nudge the shape with that first, to get it going.  



I'm currently using the 1.4.1. beta, but I'm reasonably sure this has been happening with all versions as I've gone along.

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