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Hello there!


Purchased Affinity Photo two days ago and I am (happily) on the (re)learning curve.

I have to say, there went a lot of good thought in some of the altered features (compared to how they work in Ps), well done!


Of course there will be quite a lot of questions. Some I can find here, some I couldn't. So I will ask here on the forum, putting the Ps nomenclature in the title for future Affinity-Turners that also say goodbye to Ps!


My question: I am working on a composition in which I want to flip a layer horizontally. Ofcourse, using the move tool I can flip it but I only get it done stretching the image (out of ratio), which I don't want to happen. Searching the menu's I didn't see an option that seemed to fit but maybe I am looking for the wrong word (Ps term probably) or I am just too tired ;)


Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance!


Kind regards,

Dennis G

www.DeeGee.net Photography

The Netherlands

- computers and airconditioners have one thing in common; they both stop working when opening windows -

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Hi Dennis,


Just select the layer you're interested in and go to the 'Arrange' menu and choose 'Flip Horizontal', or right-click the layer and choose 'Transform'->'Flip Horizontal'.


Hopefully that should help :)


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