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Yes it still is, so annoying... So what I do (clumsy way) is duplicate (actually triplicate) the object within or on intersection to make the line disappears. This could be fine for some situations, but for other is still makes multiple instances of the same shape which may cause mess when trying to modify the shape(s) in any way... Exporting in formats that needs to be used in production, print, post processing and so on may also be a problem...

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The new update is out but it's still not fixed, this is really sad... The new isometric tools make AD perfect for working with isometric images, yet at the same time this bug makes it really difficult to work on them. I need my shapes to be perfect, and at the same time I want to be efficient and now i can't. 

I tried to use the solution to duplicate and merge the shape and place it underneath, but despite my lines being aligned perfectly (using point alignment tool) it still produces weird results! Yes it does make the white lines invisible, but why doesn't it make a nice clean shape instead of this? I'm attaching a file, could you check if this is a bug or I did something wrong? It's not the first time it happens to me. It looks to me like these 2 issueas are related.



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It is even worse, when there is a line between an outline and a fill in same object. I think that maybe old print trick called "bleed" should do the trick.
Can you just add small additional thickness to rendered shapes to make them maybe not mathematically correct, but displayed properly? I very rarely try to give hints to developers, but Affinity rendering is so pleasing and have this one HUGE, I mean HUGE caveat. And like others point it out it is not like every other software have it.


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