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Fill circle with Image

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I'd like to fill a circle with a bitmap image. The forums told to use the gradient fill on the shape an select bitmap. Unfortunately I don't have the bitmap option (I have the german version activated, but there is nothing similar) in my Affinity Designer 1.4. How can I do that?


Is it as Alternative possible to cut a circle out of a bitmap with the geometry tool?


In the attached File I'd like to place the bitmap in the inner white circle to get a button with the image and a black border.


Before I draw that in InkScape or before in CorelDraw, but I'd like to switch to Affinity ...




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Hi siebente,

Welcome to Affinity Forums,

Just drag the image in the Layers panel over the white circle layer (you should see a thin blue line appear below the circle layer. If you wait a few moment before releasing the mouse button Affinity will also show a preview on canvas of what you will get when you release the mouse button.


Another way to do it, is to select the image, go to menu Edit -> Copy, then select the white circle layer and go to menu Edit -> Paste Inside.

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