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Corner artifacts when moving a custom brush

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I'm new to Affinity Designer and was trying to make a custom brush that can loop seemlessly for circles, but when I import the brush it creates a glitch when moving it at certain angles. As far as I can tell it's purely visual as it clears when zooming out, but I'm concerned it might cause issues later on if its something I messed up when making the brush.

I created a new textured intensity brush with the following image and didnt change any of the settings. It doesn't occur with any other brush though so it might be something I missed about how brushes work. I've also tried changing the stroke width and head/tail offset. Any help is appreciated and I can provide more info if needed.


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9 minutes ago, Zakolnuki said:

Hi Nathan, thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately it's still occuring after unchecking it and restarting.

Which Operating System are you using? You can also try changing the Renderer to WARP (Windows) or Display to Software (Mac) to see if this has an impact.

Could you also export your custom brush by following the below steps:

1. On the Brushes Panel, select your custom brushes category

2. select the white dropdown on the right hand side, select export brushes (as shown below)


3. Save the file and attach it to your post.

I'll then see if I can replicate the behaviour.




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I've been able to replicate this but also reduce it's effect and time on screen, but this also depends on the speed of your hardware, as moving the custom vector brush stroke will require your GPU to re-render it's location each time.

To reduce the artifacting, I would suggest changing the below settings in Preferences > Performance

  1. Set View Quality to 'Nearest Neighbour'
  2. Set Retina Rendering to 'Low quality (Fastest)'
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